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Over the years, I have written short stories, poems and opinion pieces when inspiration knocked at my door. A book of poems that relate to a photograph describing each season originated in this way. Until recently none of this reached publication. Extensive thesis writing academic education and teaching essay and creative writing have occupied my creativity until now. I launch my prose and poetry writing on the market, an endeavour filled with joy and anxiety.
A plantation during the slave era.

The Cistern Rose

The Cistern Rose is historical fiction about four women, two from late 19th century United States and two from early 21st century Guelph. The adventure is how the latter women discover a relationship with the former as well as what those women left buried. The story developed as I played with “what if” ideas and their consequences. Hint: There be treasure here! This is an exciting time for me, please read and let me know what you think!


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Oh! By The Way!

A national indigenous magazine published a poem I wrote after a visit to a former residential school, The Mohawk Institute, now part of the Woodland Cultural Centre in Brantford. Access SAY magazine at saymag.com/issue-121/